Alexis Texas Opens Bikini Top to Expose Boobies

Monday, May 30, 2016

Time to ditch the clothes and grab the swim trunks as you join Alexis Texas out in the sun. This babe loves to lounge by the poolside soaking up all the rays. Look at how her body already shines from the tanning oil rubbed on her.

She really knows how to pic out a banging bikini, this lilac colored one makes her body look HOT. Her tits are covered but the cleavage the top creates really draws your eyes in. And did you see her ass? Holy shit, this bubble butt cutie looks insanely hot in this bikini bottom. It covers just enough, letting her big round globes of an ass show. I can’t decide if I wanna spank or bite that thing!

With the sun beating down on her, she’s really ready to get this sun bathing going and starts to strip out of her suit. This vixen doesn’t want tan lines and the best way to achieve that is by going completely nude. That means you’re in luck because you get to watch Alexis ditch that bikini and lay there with her tits and pussy out. Her body compares to no one else’s. She is truly what a woman should look like.

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Alexis Texas Gets Multiple Holes Filled with Dick

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Watching Alexis Texas suck on that giant cock while touching her cunt just makes me get so hard and throbbing I can barely stand it. What a hot blonde slut she is! You just know she’s good at deep throating like a champ. And when you see the look on that man’s face while she’s got her lips wrapped around him, you know he is one lucky dude.

Finally he shoves that bad boy deep into her warm slice and gives her his finger to suck instead. When he gets her from behind, all doggy-style and stuff, I can feel my own spunk just threatening to burst forth in a big way. She rides on him like he’s her own personal horse.

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Alexis Texas Drops Dress and Shows Her Slit

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That stunning beauty Alexis Texas is at her best here in her sexy pink dress. Short looks good on her as the slightest movement risks showing off that big fine ass of hers. You can tell by the big grin on her face that she loves that teasing thought. She’ll only torment you for a little while longer because she’s dying to get nude, herself!

Bending at the waist, she lets her dress fall all the way to the ground, nothing but her naked curvy body left before you. She grabs her thigh and pulls apart her legs – spreading her sweet pink pussy wide open. She knows that this is just what you want. A babe like Alexis Texas is well aware that you want her incredible body – every single inch of it.

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Alexis Texas Spends Christmas Licking Pussy

Saturday, December 5, 2015

When Alexis Texas celebrates Christmas, she likes to make sure that there is lots of goodies to feast on! She and her friends are wearing their most naughty Christmas lingerie and with plenty of pussy licking and cock sucking to enjoy, the holiday feast is off to a good start! There’s nothing quite so tasty as the cream from a sweet pussy slit or the spicy spunk from a thick hard cock!

With all these feasting festivities to enjoy, Alexis Texas and her friends might get around to a gift exchange – and they might not. All they know for sure is that plenty will get stuffed besides stockings!

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Alexis Texas Fucked in Sexy Cheerleader Skirt

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blonde porn babe Alexis Texas makes a juicy hot cheerleader in her sexy little blue skirt. This hot babe is so horny for cock and getting banged in a classroom desk really gets her blood pumping right. Her tight little pussy squeezes that dick hard as her lover thrusts it hard and deep.

Alexis Texas is one golden beauty who knows how to fuck and when her man sprays her ass with his hot spunk, it makes her smile like it’s her birthday!

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Alexis Texas Blonde Babe Gets Boned Doggy Style

Monday, November 24, 2014

Succulent blonde babe Alexis Texas is one saucy minx in her sexy pink bra and panties. Her fine titties look so good when she bares them and watching her stroking her pussy is really yummy. She rides a cock so good, her fleshy ass all hot and tantalizing.

Her man can’t resist enjoying that ass up close and personal as he fucks her tight little cunt hard in a doggy style position and her tight twat really milks his cock with every orgasm. Alexis Texas gets all her horny needs met and her man explodes, spraying her hot ass with his warm spunk!

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Alexis Texas Spends Afternoon Fucking in Bed

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spicy blonde seductress Alexis Texas never gets enough of her man’s cock. She rides it hard, loving the feel of it buried balls deep inside of her. She gets on her knees so he can pound her extra deep. Her sheer black lingerie and thigh high stockings emphasize every delicious curve of her stunning body and she loves the way he can’t keep his hands off her, stroking her skin and squeezing her ass cheeks.

Alexis Texas wraps her lips around his hard cock, sucking him hard in her quest for his spunk. When he cums, she swallows almost every drop and keeps coming back for more!

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Alexis Texas Rides Batman’s Cock Aching For Heroic Orgasms

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beautiful blonde porn babe Alexis Texas has her hair all done up in a vintage hairdo and she’s happy to play with her favorite super hero, Batman. His amazing cock works out all the needs of her tight little cunt, rocking her world with every thrust he makes. When she cums hard, coating his dick with her sweet pussy juice, she gets on her knees to give her Halloween hero the kind of cock worship he deserves.

Alexis Texas knows there is nothing more fun than some good old-fashioned superhero fucking and this blonde babe knows just how to do it right!

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Alexis Texas gets fucked at a party

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alexis Texas is having a abode party, and everyone’s invited … so of lesson some randoms show up. The only person worth talking to is Mikey, her friend’s small brother. He’s adorable and offers to help her clean once everyone leaves. But she’s too busy with his weiner to clean.

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Alexis Texas Hot Blonde Rides Cock

Friday, August 8, 2014

Alexis Texas is so sexy fine, hot and blonde. She stands naked and proud while her man buries his face in her hot ass. She loves to suck his cock, tasting his full length before he slides his dick deep inside her. They fuck like crazy, shifting positions often to increase the intensity of her orgasms, and she covers his thick dick with tons of cunt cum.

Alexis Texas wants her man to cum all over her, but first, she wants him to fuck her a while longer. She still has a lot more orgasms waiting to get out for maximum fun and horny satisfaction!

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Alexis Texas Southern Belle Gets Fucked

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Those southern belle’s always seem so polite and refined. The upper-crust of society. But Alexis Texas is putting down her parasol so she can suck some cock, proving that southern belles can be as slutty as the rest of ’em.

Her legs spread wide, letting her slit be split open by this thick cock She rides that dick hard, slamming against it, wanting every inch inside her moist pussy! Skip the sweet tea, this whore wants to slurp down cum!

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Alexis Texas Loses Bikini to Ride Cock

Friday, May 16, 2014

Curvy assed pornstar Alexis Texas is looking fine in her striped bikini. Looks like James Deen has taken notice, too. His cock is aching in his shorts and he won’t be satisfied until he’s taken and had his way with the porn star, poolside!

He pulls her top open, fondling her boobs. But it’s when he gets to that big round ass of her’s that he just loses himself. Alexis Texas stands there as he buries his face in her sexy booty. That’s when his cock can’t take the teasing and torment anymore. It needs to be serviced! Alexis opens wide and takes his dick right into her moist hole. She gets that rod nice and lubed up for when she’s going to be bouncing up and down on it!

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Alexis Texas Unwraps Her Naked Body From Red Lingerie

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sexy, blonde, and hot, Alexis Texas is one dishy babe who loves to heat up the holidays. In red lingerie, this curvacious vixen is one of the hottest Christmas presents you’ve ever seen. She slips her shirt off, revealing fleshy naked titties that are sure to fill you with holiday cheer. She lowers her panties and opens the ultimate Christmas package, her tight little pussy.

Santa Claus can’t hold a candle to the gifts Alexis Texas has to offer. Her pretty pussy and hot, naked curves will keep you warmer than the biggest fire and make you feel more jolly than spiked egg nog!

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Alexis Texas Strips From Black to Finger Pussy

Monday, September 2, 2013

When deliciously hot blonde temptress, Alexis Texas gets in the right mood, this bawdy babe loves to act on it. She is looking so adorably cute in black shirt and skirt today, but it doesn’t take long for her to get the urge to get naked.

She strips and flashes the camera, knowing you are enjoying the view. She loves to spread her legs and show off that golden pussy, all juicy and tingling with desire. Alexis Texas is beautiful and succulent – the kind of woman any man would be lucky to touch. But for now, she’s getting off on touching herself!

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Alexis Texas Sucks and Fucks in Hardcore Session

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sexy blonde temptress Alexis Texas is enjoying an afternoon in bed with one of her favorite studs. His huge cock keeps her ready for action and her pussy gets so juicy when she sucks on him that she’s practically begging him to bone her hard. She loves it when he fucks her from behind or while she’s riding on top, getting that cock in there nice and deep and then teasing the opening of her horny little fuckhole.

Alexis Texas is one horny insatiable babe who won’t stop fucking until he’s ready – and then she’ll suck him until he cums all over her!

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